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Joe New - Good Bye and Thank You

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Joseph New sadly passed away on Sunday 30th April 2023.

​Joe, along with wife Pauline became involved with the Mohawks when Caron, his daughter, became a skater in the 1977/78 Season. Joe helped coach and mentor many of the up and coming skaters whilst becoming Club Chairman and a key part of the NISA (BIS) Technical Committee, both organisations supported by Pauline also. In the 80’s Joe became an international referee and would regularly be officiating at National and International Championships, including as an assistant referee at the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City. During the 90’s as Caron took on the role as Head Coach of the Mohawks, Joe would always be present at training sessions, keeping a keen eye on the latest generation of skaters, sharing wise words.

​Joe would be a friendly face at competitions, often helping make the first international races for the next generation of Mohawks racers that little bit more familiar. In particular, Jon Eley, Paul Stanley and Tom Iveson have mentioned to express their appreciation for the support Joe gave them as they transitioned from club to International and Olympic skaters.

Joe was incredibly proud of the Mohawks and it’s success, of which we owe a huge credit for all he did for the club and for Short Track in the UK.

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