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Training & Competition Information

Club membership for the 2023/2024 season is £20.00 for non-competition skaters or £30.00 for competition skaters.

Session fees for 2023/2024 season are £13.00 per session Pay As You Go. Alternative to the PAYG is a monthly subscription. 

This is the preferred commitment as we have to pay for committed ice time.  Fee are therefore £45.00 per month for an individual monthly subscription or £75.00 for 2 family members and £95.00 for 3 family members. 

Introductory sessions for new skaters are £20.00 for 4 sessions over an 8 week period. 

Training Dates & Times ​​

*** Training times and dates are liable to change by Planet Ice so please check the website for updates ***


Please arrive 45mins earlier to warm up and get pads on etc.


June 2024 ​​

  • (Tr) Saturday 8th June  - 1615-1715

  • (Tr) Saturday 15th June  - 1615-1715

  • (Tr) Saturday 22nd June  - 1615-1715

  • (Tr) Saturday 29th June  - 1615-1715

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