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Mohawks IRC - Olympians

Short Track Speed Skating has been a Winter Olympic Sport since it's introduction at the 1988 Winter Olympic Games held in Calgary.


Since then our club has nurtured and produced a number of athletes who have represented Great Britain at both international, World Championship and Olympic level. We are proud of that achievement and we will, through our expert coaching structures and club support, produce many more to come. Here is a list of former and current MIRC skaters who are OLYMPIANS... 

  • Wilf O’Reilly                           1988 Calgary                 2 Gold Medals

  • Steve Humber                        1988 Calgary                 Nottingham IRC now Mohawks IRC 

  • Wilf O’Reilly                           1992 Albertville

  • Wilf O’Reilly                           1994 Lillehammer

  • Rob Mitchell                          1998 Nagano                 Peterborough IRC now Mohawks IRC

  • Joanna Williams (Eley)            2002 Salt Lake               Aldwych Speed Club now Mohawks IRC

  • Joanna Willams (Eley)             2006 Turn                     Aldwych Speed Club now Mohawks IRC

  • Jon Eley                                 2006 Turin                    5th in 500m

  • Paul Stanley                           2006 Turin

  • Jon Eley                                 2010 Vancouver            6th in Relay, Tom Iveson (Paul Worth Jack Whelbourne Nottingham IRC)

  • Tom Iveson                           2010 Vancouver               

  • Jon Eley                                 2014 Sochi

  • Richard Shoebridge               2014 Sochi         

  • Charlotte Gilmartin               2014 Sochi

  • Charlotte Gilmartin                2018 Pyeong Cang

  • Farrell Treacy                        2018 Pyeong Chang

  • Farrell Treacy                        2022 Beijing - 9th 1500m

  • Niall Treacy                           2022 Beijing 

  • Richard Shoebridge               2022 Beijing (GB Team Coach - Short Track Speed Skating)


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