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Training Report - Saturday 14th January 2023

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Happy new year and welcome to all those that come to our first session of 2023. Head coach Tom Iveson was leading the session today having 3 ability groups.

Tom led group 3 in a sizzling off-ice warm-up session while the pads were put into the ice. This off ice session included exercises and drills such as: -

  • Corner position skate dips

  • Side to side skate movement

  • Side to side skate movement practicing recoil

  • Standing Crossover walk

  • 2 leg skate jump

After this all out groups assembled on-ice. The 'on ice' sessions for groups 1 and 2 was intense, with 4, 6, 8, 6, 4 laps and Tom leading the last few laps to give us a boost. Even Ian was impressed, showing off his shiny new boots.

Group 3 had a blast with lots of drills in the middle, and ended the session with a thrilling two-lap race.

After the session, we sat back and cheered on little Ad and Niall in the relay semi-final at the European Championships in Gadansk Poland.

We also had a new member, Matthew, who joined us. He used to skate until he was 15, and was even part of the Mohawks. But it had been 20 years since he last skated, yet he quickly found his footing and joined group 2.

Great session - Well done all.

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