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Competition Report - Nottingham Ice Racing Club Open - 3rd December 2022

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Well done all Mohawks Ice Racing Club skaters who raced at the Nottinghamshire Ice Racing Club Short Track Speed Skating Open competition on Saturday 3rd December.

A fantastic result overall with a good medal haul from all our skaters. Using everything they have been taught in training all skaters rose to the occasion and performed brilliantly. Great team.

In their respective categories our skaters were:-

  • Racer Ronan - 1st Place

  • Fast Frankie - 1st Pace

  • Speedy Steve - 2nd Place

  • Terrific Tim - 1st Place

  • Magnificent Maria - 2nd Place

Well done also to Helen, Servando and Yarina for some exciting racing.

Big thanks NIRC and all the officials and volunteers for making it a great event. Competitions cannot be held without your help and dedication. Thank You.

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