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training Session Report - Saturday 26th November 2022

Great skating today. The rink was cold and ice conditions were challenging , this meant warm up was essential. Good mix of of pee wee, junior & senior skaters. It was also great to see new faces returning to our club and spotting potential talent to the sport we love.

The main session of the day was inside track drills followed by 6 x 8 laps. Juniors had plenty of track time followed by some practice 1 lap starts.

Super encouraging to see Maria and Tim join group 1 for levelling up their experience. Andy B and John I delivered their laps with exceptional style and grace. Never underestimate how inspiring it is to see these mature guys challenge themselves !

The experience within the club shined bright with a special visit from another olympian Jon Eley. Especially nice to see Jon and Jo supporting the youngsters and to see Coach Tom and Jon back on their home ice together once more.

Mowhawks have a rich history of delivering world class skaters, however we are also family orientated club and welcome those who what to try out this exhilarating winter sport safely. See you at the rink !

Contributor - Ian Tranter

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