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Sunday Fun

20th November 2022 - today’s session was a Sunday evening funfest based around sets of 7 laps for groups 1 and 2 with group 3 focussing on fundamental positions and crossovers (corners).

Several of us competed at the weekend either in the European Masters Challenge Cup or the Domestic competition, both staged at Ice Sheffield so this was intended to be an active recovery session for some and an intense workout for others. Kudos to Steve Humber,by the way, who finished second in the masters event and, together with Helen Shaw, formed part of the winning British relay team in the final against a strong combined Swiss/French team. Mark Mackenzie started the weekend in awesome form but aggravated a knee injury so was forced to retire from a strong standing in the masters competition. I skated pretty well and finished in the top ten and had the honour of being captain for the British team. In the domestic competition, Ronan gave a great account of himself in group 2 whilst Ad jr won the group 1 event overall.

So, there were some tired legs out there today.!

Our young skaters in group 3 had a blast doing the crossover challenge - how many can you fit in around the corner? Groups 1 and 2 finished off with a busy relay. Group 3 rounded up their session with train races. Great fun.

The age range today was 6 to 66!

Short track is for everyone.

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