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Basic Skating Position is Key to Being Balanced and Fast

Learning the basic skating position is key to being balanced and fast!

Three simple skating positions.....

At our club we we practice these three basic skating positions, and as Head Coach Tom Iveson says, that these basic skating are most important to make you a balanced and fast skater.

The three are: -

  • 1 - Knees Forward - Knee angle just below 90degrees

  • 2 - Body down - Shoulders are above hip height (aka don’t be a flamingo putting head low but sticking hips in air as your power is going up in the air too, not down into ice).

  • 3 - Back Rounded - If a skaters back is flat or arched, knees are often not over toes and less glide, less power is likely.

....ensure these basic skating positions are always upper most in your mind....

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