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Speed Skate in Summer

It's getting warmer out there (hopefully) so come down to our session for a 'cool' off.

...Do More in '24
Saturday 22nd June
 2024 @ 1600

Please arrive 45mins prior to the on-ice time to warm up and help get pads onto the ice!

Exercise More...Speed Skate with us in '24?

As the  2023-2024 racing season comes to an end our training remains in full come down and join us and turn left and go fast!!!   Full support for new skaters with expert Olympian level coaches and appropriate kit will be provided.
Our sessions are open for all ages, abilities and categories and are open for either the Mohawks club or visiting clubs.  We also warmly (in a cold ice rink) welcome new skaters who wish to join this fantastic club.  
Any queries then please contact us at or use the query form below.

Latest News & Information

Extended Training - Sat 1st June - 'Ready to Race' Camp

The Mohawks Ice Racing Club had a brilliant extended training session on Saturday 1st June 2024.  This 2 hour session was aimed at junior and novice skaters and focused on 'Ready to Race'....with some coaching on starting in races, race technique, actual short timed races and lots of fun and games.


It was a well attended session and all the youngsters / future superstars really enjoyed it. Leading this was head coach Tom Iverson but we had the cream of TeamGB Short Track coaches and skaters in huge thanks to Jo Eley, Richard Shoebridge, Niall Treacy, Peter Riches, Adam Hill Jnr, Mandy Worth for supporting the event and sharing their wisdom with both the junior and senior skaters. Our senior skaters also had a tough session skating over 75 good quality laps in a duration pyramid interval session. 

The club is grateful for the funding received from individuals which has enabled this extended session to take place and we had a brilliant and successful time all round.  

Thanks all from the MIRC Committee 


Training Safety Guidelines - A Reminder!!

As we train on ice, our sessions are often busy. Safety is our priority. All skaters, and parents of younger skaters, please be reminded of our training session safety guidelines.


  • Always wear safety equipment at all times when on the ice (Racing suit or Tracksuit covering all areas, shin pads, knee pads, gloves (ideally cut resistant for main groups), neck protector, helmet, protective glasses are optional but recommended.

  • When getting on the ice move away from the barrier when safe.

  • Drinks are to be kept at the café end of the inside track apex cone. Do not skate around until the barrier doors are closed and pads in place.

  • If you are doing slow warm up laps be very aware of other skaters especially younger skaters needing to cross the ice.

  • Always skate around anti clockwise unless instructed differently.

  • No junior F, E, D skaters should cut across the track to get to the barrier unless coaches are notified and it is safe to do so.

  • Avoid the middle area of the track that we have coned off as a safe zone for younger skaters

  • Please use common sense and consider your own and other skaters safety at all times, leaving gaps between skaters if you feel necessary, if you are being overtaken then stay on the racing line close to blocks.

A Thank You to Head Coach Tom Iveson

As it is global 'Sports Coaches'  week in May 2024 we want to say a huge 'Thank You' to our Head Club Coach, Tom Iveson OLY. Former Olympian Tom's dedication to the club is outstanding and the success of the club is rooted in his technical and coaching brilliance. Thanks Tom...Awesome.

Niall Treacy Stars at World Cup!!

A thrilling finish and a 4th place finish for Niall Treacy in the 1500m at the ISU World Cup in Gdansk! Great result and achievement again for our club mate. 

British Championships 2024 - Champions - Mohawks IRC 5000m Relay Team and Niall Treacy (Overall Senior Men's Champion).  Absolutely brilliant racing from all of our skaters who competed recently at the January 2024 British Short Track Speed Skating Championships. Niall Treacy, Wes Yates, Adam Hill Jnr, Ethan Treacy, Steve Humber, Frankie Humber,  Ronan Hearn, Mark McKensie, Helen Shaw...

World Masters Champions

Mohawks Have Two New World Champions! Congratulations to Helen Shaw and Steve Humber who have just returned from the Masters International Short Track Games 2023 in Amsterdam as WORLD MASTERS CHAMPIONS for their respective age and gender categories. Steve and Helen represented Great Britain and after 3 days of tough competition, they each won 3 gold and 1 silver medals as well as the overall 'for age' titles. Absolutely brilliant performance from both whom have been training hard this year under the guidance of Head Coach Tom Iveson. Congratulations both.

Mohawks IRC Olympians Hall of Fame

Mohawks Ice Racing Club has produced a number of skaters that have reached international and olympic level. Mohawks Ice Racing Club Past Olympians List - Click Here​​


Training & Competition Information

Club membership for the 2023/2024 season is £20.00 for non-competition skaters or £30.00 for competition skaters.

Session fees for 2023/2024 season are £13.00 per session Pay As You Go. Alternative to the PAYG is a monthly subscription which is is the preferred commitment as we have to pay for committed ice time.  Fees for monthly are therefore £45.00 per month for an individual monthly subscription or £75.00 for 2 family members and £95.00 for 3 family members. 

Introductory sessions for new skaters are £20.00 for 4 sessions over an 8 week period. 

Training Dates & Times ​​

*** Training times and dates are liable to change by Planet Ice so please check the website for updates ***


Please arrive 45mins earlier to warm up and get pads on etc.


June 2024 ​​

  • (Tr) Saturday 22nd June  - 1615-1715

  • (Tr) Saturday 29th June  - 1615-1715

July 2024 ​​​​

  • (Tr) Saturday 6th July  - 1615-1715

  • (Tr) Saturday 13th July  - 1615-1715

  • (Tr) Saturday 20th July  - 1615-1715

  • (Tr) Saturday 27th July  - 1615-1715

Below are the domestic and international competition fixtures for the 2023/2024 season. Please check here regularly for the latest updates.

About Short Track Speed Skating

Short Track Speed Skating is a form of competitive ice speed skating. It is one of the most thrilling of all Olympic Winter sports where competitors race directly against each on a 111.12m oval ice track that fits within a traditional ice rink. It is a sport that welcomes and is open to all ages and skating abilities.


Mohawks Ice Racing Club's head coach is Tom Iveson, ex Winter Olympian and TeamGB squad member.  He is supported by a number of ex Olympic and World Championship skaters including Jo Eley and Steve Humber who help develop the club and future star skaters.   Short Track - Fast, Dynamic, Exciting. Come and join us!

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